Monday, June 8, 2009


We were having problems with the photo uploads..
not sure if it is me or our connections..
The script come up in Hebrew first and I have to search for english...

Oh welll....

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday June 7, 2009

We arrived in Israel Saturday, June 6th at 5:20 pm after an 11 hour flight from Atlanta. We are staying at the Ambassador Hotel ( built in 1952). We have a balcony room and I took a couple pictures from there this morning- the city view and the view below is the Middle Eastern Restaurant under a tent which is part of the hotel.
On our walk this morning to the Old City, we photographed some flowers ( one of the things that interests me about new places are the botanicals)
We entered the Damascus Gate which puts you immediately in the market. You can buy a huge variety of items here in the market… probably any other market. Books, antiques, clothing, food, shoes, sunglasses and all sorts of trinkets. Thought the T-shirt was funny! We walked up the path traditionally thought to be the path Jesus carried his cross to his crucifixion ( Via Dolorosa) and were accosted about every 10 feet with vendors wanting to sell us souvenirs of the Stations of the Cross. I was thinking, I wonder what the Lord thinks of people profiting from his death in that way?
There were Israeli soldiers in several places where we walked inside the Old City, the tour books say that because of tight security it is safe to walk just about anywhere here.
The picture of me is taken through the "needle’s eye"…. guess you can see how it would be hard to get a camel through such a small narrow space!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Travel Notes Israel 2009

We are busy preparing for travels to Israel.
We will be touring from June 8th through June 21.
Our goal is to update daily...or along the way to keep you informed of the sites, sensations and records of our times and journeys.

Best of Days to All, Mike & Sandy